Romantic Subtractions, 2009
Collaboration (12 books) with Gervais Jassaud as part of "Collective Generation"
(Variable) Mixed fibers, metal staples, acrylic on Rives BFK paper
13 x 10 inches

Romantic Subtractions was a book project that was part of of "Collective Generation," a project conceived by French publisher, Gervais Jassaud, in which he combined the work of a poet and a visual artist in a book of his own design. I contributed artwork for 12 books that contained the poetry of Jerome Rothenberg. Each one was unique and made by hand.

The books were printed on Rives BFK paper, and the artwork was made with fabric scraps, metal staples, acrylic paint handmade paper that I made while a resident at Dieu Donne papermill. The form of the book is a site to which I respond – a long and meandering one, in which each surface has two sides. The process of stapling materials to the page creates a different but corresponding image on each side.