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Scale Shifts;Vision Adjusts, from Material Migrations
ongoing 2015/16

installation View at Sharjah Museum of Art, United Arab Emirates
2 partial views and details
Persian carpets, shag carpet (American circa 1970), laminated mdf flooring, wood pallet, metal staples, fabric.
Dimensions variable

Carpets are interwoven with mdf flooring. Textiles are stapled to the gallery walls and then partially ripped away. Rectangular openings cut from the carpets reveal layers below. Stylistically dissonant and culturally diverse patterns intermingle, reference the geometric abstraction, and the over-under rhythms of warp and weft. This wood pallet carried carpets from New York to Sharjah and back. On it are stacked pieces that were cut from the carpets while making the work. Like a raft, floating offshore, it is emblematic of the migratory life of these materials, some old, some new, which participate in this ongoing project.